Lennon Wielgus

392 Osb And A Mailbox

We had some osb delivered to cover our roof (thanks grandma and grandpa.). Dad got a few pieces on the roof but the rain kept him away yesterday. The blue stuff is the new osb, the stuff on top is scrap to keep the new stuff dry. We also got a mailbox recently (thanks ronnie). We are officially part of the neighborhood now. My official address, write this down, it's where I'll be for the next 18 years, and I can get mail there now. Lennon Wielgus 859 Abners Mill Road Ewing Kentucky 41039 Now here's the crazy part; we don't live in ewing (that's in a different county) and our house isn't on abners mill (it's on veale lane). Ewing is the closest post office, so they gave us a ewing address. Our 911 official address is on abners mill and our mailbox sits on abners mill so that's our mailing address, even though we don't live on abners mill. Welcome to the country ;)


MomIt's all very confusing....lol! Yes, you must come see it!