Lennon Wielgus

395 Shop At Amazon And Remember Me

If you are going to buy something at Amazon.com could you please click this next link before going there? Pretty please? http://amazon.com/?tag=lennonwielgus-20 See how that amazon link has my name in it? That means I will get a small commission on everything you buy there and it doesn't cost you a single penny more. And then, my folks can see how much I earned and put it in the bank for me. Pretty cool. Just remember, you have to click the link before you go to amazon or put anything in your shopping cart. Here's the link one more time: http://amazon.com/?tag=lennonwielgus-20 THANK YOU Oh yeah, about that picture. Dad was trying to steal my empty pop bottle so I let him have it.


MomShelley, we saw an order the other day. I bet it was yours....thanks!!! Aunt Cara - he was standing without holding on, but I think he was leaning against the table for support. He's getting close, though. He holds on and bends over to pick things up off the floor now.