Lennon Wielgus

Day 33 Check Out My Muscles

day33 I don't mean to brag but, "if you got it then flaunt it". Check out my muscles! I've been getting stronger every day. I still can't hold my head up but my grip is getting really tight and my muscles are growing. On another bragging note; I slept for 4 hours straight last night. I'm also spitting up MUCH less. I hope it keeps up ;) Mom has been working hard changing her diet and it seems to be working. She thinks the dairy products, even cheese, have been making me spit up, but we'll see. Even better; It seems the less I spit up, the less I need to eat, and the longer we ALL get to sleep between feedings. Yeah, I really hope this keeps up.


grandma heberGood news! See you Thanksgiving morning and we have a room in town that night.