Lennon Wielgus

439 Eating Healthy

image You can see I'm in the kitchen trying to whip up something healthy for mom and dad to eat. They are trying to lose weight by eating healthy. Dad wants to be under 200 pounds for his first goal. His starting weight on 1-1-11 was 217 pounds. Mom wants to lose 50 pounds total but will not disclose here starting weight. They are using a website called SparkPeople.com to track their weight, fitness, and calories. It's FREE. It's a pretty neat tool for free and they can see all day how many calories more they need or where they are with their carbs/protein/etc. On a side note, Mom thought aunt cara and uncle adam would like the hat. Dad thinks I look super cute in it.


MomAunt Cara - I'm slowly working my way back into exercising. Not a huge fan of running, but maybe if I lose some lbs I wouldn't hate it as much...we'll see!