Lennon Wielgus

472 Late Christmas

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I had an awesome day today!  I got to go to Aunt Alicia and Uncle Dave's house for a late Christmas.  I got some awesome tractor books and puzzles!  I got them a waffle maker.  I kept them busy today.  Aunt Alicia read to me and was teaching me how to walk.  Uncle Dave and I were tossing toys around...it was a blast!  I also got to play with the dogs.  Roxy loves me!  I really wore myself out.  Mom snapped the last picture of me when I passed out in the car on the way home.  I love my Auntie and Uncle and can't wait to see them again!

Oh, and mom wanted me to update on her and dad's weight loss.  She lost 3 and dad lost 1 this week.  Dad's at 202 now.  Both mom and dad have lost 15 lbs.


MomThanks, Grandpa!