Lennon Wielgus


First here's an old picture from moving out here. image This is the line to the septic tank. It has a drop of 1/4 inch per foot all the way to the tank. The inspector said that the pipe was the wrong kind. I have to replace the entire thing (even though it says sewer on it and I asked two people at lowes and they said that was the one). Also the T connector I used wasn't the correct one. I used a T connector with a cleanout, but they want a specific one. image Here's the water heater, they want the pipe that hangs halfway down to the drain pan going outside. Even though the drain pan already empty's outside, they want that going out also. You can also see the main water line on the left: image Here's the plumbing coming out of the roof, look at the white pvc pipe: image Underneath the house. Fortunately I haven't had any problems down here. Left and back is the tub and toilet drains and to the right in the front are the bathroom and kitchen sink drain going into one. image Here was my connection to the water heater, looks good to me. Unfortunately it needed "nipples" and a transition fitting: image Now with nipples and transition fittings. image Once again my fitting is on the right, the one they wanted on the left. Too bad there were a dozen of these and the one on the left are 10 times more expensive. They both work the same in my opinion. image Here's the original shower and shower valves. The cost was almost nothing. Unfortunately they won't pass. image There needs to be a "pressure balancing" thing back here. Too bad it costs another $78. This prevents the water from getting hotter when the toilet or other cold water pulls from the shower. I thought it was a fact of life the shower temp changes as people use things, I reckon it's law now that it shouldn't. image New and improved: image image Here's a pressure gauge to check if the system can hold 5psi. I think my problem with my connections is I'm not cutting the end of the pipe square enough image Here's how you pump up the pressure in the system. A bike pump and a thing connected to the pipe. image A view from away. It doesn't look like much, but WOW has it been a headache and a money pit. If you add up the septic tank, water heater, and every other thing associated with getting water, water line from the road, water meter, the plumbing is the most ridiculously expensive thing we've done. image