Lennon Wielgus

Crazy Night

Last night at 10pm we heard sirens. It's really unusual to hear them around here, in fact it's the first time we've heard them. Turns out a house in the valley was on fire. It was an abandoned house, but there aren't many homes around here so you take notice. We never found out how it burned but it burned to the ground. image Then came the storms. We had two severe storms roll through. We aren't sure which one did it, but one of the storms took our shed and threw it about 400 feet away. We were planning on moving the shed but now we don't have too. image The shed just missed our car. Some of the debris were right in front of the car. We got lucky again there was no damage to our vehicle. That shed has been through a couple years of storms with not a scratch so the winds must have been really strong last night. My sandbox cover made it about 200 feet away and our fence blew down about 20 feet of it. Other than that we did ok. Next is a picture of our neighbor Ronnie's place: image That tall spike on the right of his house is what's left of a tall tree that was blown over. They got lucky and the tree just missed their house, you can see it down on the left if you squint. They also had an apple tree thrown down. And here's me crying because I don't want to take a nap: image Oh yeah, and yesterday afternoon our riding lawn mower got a flat tire. Hopefully tonight is a little quieter.