Lennon Wielgus

Day 56 The Youngest Affiliate Marketer In The World

day56 Dad says I'm the youngest affiliate marketer in the world. I started when I was under one month old. Affiliate Marketing is when a person gets paid by referring people to a merchant. I do affiliate marketing by having people show me some love and go to amazon.com to go shopping. You can read about it here. (don't forget to bookmark that page ;) ) My first month was slow and I made 0. However my family and friends have really showed some love this month. Guess how much I've made in December? $31.18. Wow! Thank you all for all the love. And the month is only half way over. That's not a bad paycheck for an almost 2 month old. That money goes straight into my piggy bank. Life isn't all about money so I hope the streak continues and I can focus on more important things in life by the time I'm maybe 5 or 6.


wendyAdorable baby! cute idea