Lennon Wielgus

More Fireplace Work

I've been doing some more work on the fierplace area. The wall behind it is tamped gravel (our usual wall), covered in a soil cement, and then I just put a cement plaster over that. The bags aren't needed anymore. I also hand dug the crawl space and framed some of the floor in front of the fireplace. There is no subfloor on it yet, just the joists, what you see in the picture are just some boards layed down so we could walk over it. We are borrowing pop pops truck this weekend to get the fireplace. It's gonna be a good one. Here's the one we are thinking of getting: click here to see this heater at lowes We'd like to wait a bit longer to see if there are any sales on heaters but it's starting to get cold already. But a good thing about buying at lowes is that if it does go on sale in the next few weeks they will give you the difference in cash. It's big, epa approved, got a blower, looks good with the glass door, and has an outside air intake option. We aren't sure if we'll use the outside air intake right away but the option is there. Here's a link on air intakes that thinks they might cause more maintenance, reduce the air circulation in the house which they suggest is a bad thing, and might leak cold air into the house: http://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php/wiki/Outside_Air_Kit_-_Why But we'll play it by trial and error on the air intake. Also, it weights over 300 pounds, wowzer, I'm glad I'm strong. Dad is going to pick up some bags of concrete tonight to cover the base. Someone thinks we are building him a really elaborate bed :)