Lennon Wielgus

Fireplace And Stuff

We got our fireplace moved into the house. It doesn't look like much but it was HEAVY! The chimney hasn't been installed yet but we picked up the kit to install it. We've got a few other projects first while the weather is still warm. The floor mom is standing on is some real subfloor. We had a little room in pop pops truck so we put a few pieces of that in and installed them. Behind mom are some stairs we made. We put down some dirt, tamped it, then we put a soil cement mixture over top. We aren't sure what we will use to "finish" the stairs to make them look nice but they are usable already. I think having a bunch of thermal mass near your heat source is a good thing, if so we've got a ton of it ;)


MomThanks, grandpa! Lost a few more lbs since I saw you last time. Mark and Lennon are working really hard. Lennon has been a big help! He loves moving dirt!