Lennon Wielgus

Aunt Alicia's Camera

I stole the memory card out of Aunt Alicia's camera and thought I would post a few of the pictures here. Here's a pic of our house. The circle part is one color, a primer white, that's not the permanent color, but works for now. The right side is ugly and will get changed when the entire thing is livible. Here is a closup of the side we really like: Me having fun: The barn behind us is full of tobacco: The lawnmower is loud but I love it too much not to ride: Dad made a "living room" where the fireplace is. That color isn't permanent either he was just testing paints. He's gonna install a chimney this week. Me and aunt alicia: Looking at you: We ate at a good restaurant called caproni's in maysville with aunt alicia. If you are ever in the area we recommend it. Go when it's not busy and you can get a window seat overlooking the ohio river: Here's a couple more pics of me: