Lennon Wielgus

Day 69 If My Face Wasn't So Cute I'd Be A Boxer

day69 I'm doing some shadowboxing and working on my jab in this photo. Too bad my face is so cute, I could never box. I do have some tough guys in my family tree. My nanny's dad (my great grandpa) was a boxer and his dad (my great great grandpa) was a mounted police officer in the heart of New York City. Plus I have some Italian roots. The nemeth's (nanny's side) can trace the tree right back to the mother land, Italy, Positano Italy specifically. So I could call some people if you rub me the the wrong way. (nanny, correct me if I made any errors) Dad has to do some stuff the next few days so he won't be posting but rest assured he'll still be taking my picture and updating the missing days on this blog when the new year settles in.


Aunt Debwhat a cute picture i love this one