Lennon Wielgus

Our Wood Pile

We bought 1.5 cords of seasoned hardwoods with some softwood mixed in. The cost was $300 for all or $200 per cord after delivery and stacking. The wood seems dry as a bone and we bought a big tarp to put over it. We aren't sure how far into the winter this will get us but it's a good start. Dad would like to be self sufficient in firewood in 5 to 10 years. We'll probably plant a few hundred black locust trees in the spring. They grow like weeds around here. How many we plant depends on how many of the seeds sprout or cuttings take root. Here's what the ok state university said about them "Black locust has some interesting advantages that make it a superb choice for firewood plantations. This species will sprout from the stump after the first harvest. Normally the second crop will grow faster than the first due to the established root system. Also, black locust is a leguminous tree species that “fixes” its own nitrogen. Black locust improves the soil while producing valuable firewood. Other benefits of this species are its excellent soil binding qualities which aid in reducing erosion and its durable wood which has traditionally been used for fence posts. Landowners would be wise to consider a planting of black locust as a potential firewood source for the future.:" You can plant them in a spacing of only 2-3 feet apart in a row and 5 or 6 between rows. It's a good use for the steep hill in the back that will never get used for much. We are also planting some hickory, walnut, oak, and others mixed in for a longer timeframe. We've been trying to collect the nuts falling from the trees lately so the planting won't cost us much. It sounds good in theory, we'll see how it goes ;) We can't wait to start burning the wood. We went to nanny's today, i'll try and post a pic of that tomorrow.