Lennon Wielgus

Day 92 Remembering Great Grandpa Heber

day92 I will be going to Great Grandpa Heber's funeral this weekend. Here's a bit more about him:
The family of Robert Heber, WWII Vet, has invited the PGR to stand in honor of his service to our country. He served his country as a Paratrooper in the 517th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne division, reaching the rank of Tec 5, during World War II. He served in the Central European Campaign and was at the Battle of the Buldge.
That info came from here where more people are talking about Great Grandpa. I wanted to post it here also to help me and my family remember, and just in case that other site ever loses that page or goes away we can always remember now. We'll miss you.


grandma heberLennon,although great grandpa's memory was about gone. Grandma and grandpa visited him a week after you met him and talked about tractors. Great grandpa asked us "Where's the baby?" He loved you. Grandpa