Lennon Wielgus

A Creepy Unmarked Helicopter Landed Nearby

Sometimes when I play in my sandbox a helicopter will fly really, really close over head. Some people say it's military training, some say it's looking for marijuana plants, I don't know but Dad and I don't like it. Today a helicopter landed behind my neighbors house. How crazy is that? It was dangerously close to their house. Then it took off again and circled our house. Then it went back to the neighbor's house and landed in their back yard AGAIN. Ronnie says two men got out but he couldn't see what they did. Both times they landed for no more than 60 seconds and then took off again. The people that live in the house are Ronnie's brother and wife who is disabled. Ronnie thinks they were at dialysis when it happened. After the helicopter landed twice in their back yard it flew away and disappeared into the horizon. Dad caught about half of the episode on video including the second landing. Here's a couple pictures. Not sure if we'll upload the video.