Lennon Wielgus

Another Helicopter LANDED

Today we saw a red and white helicopter flying around. It was flying really low, circling over different places, and flying around much quicker than the usual helicopters, and then it went away. A little while later one of those military helicopters appeared and was flying really low and then went away. Then a little later another military helicopter landed in the valley near a house. I asked my neighbor about it and he didn't know much other than it "looked like it landed on their back porch". They saw 3 different helicopters. Dad and I saw two helicopters that we were sure were unique. We even saw two helicopters flying near each other at the same time at one point. With it being really hilly where we live, and the helicopters flying so low, sometimes you can only hear them because they are close by but can't see them. It's actually kinda spooky to be playing in my sandbox, and you can't see anything, but just hear the low "woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh' of the propeller sound going in the distance. The few people we talked to assume the helicopters are "looking for marijuana plants". It's hard to believe they would spend this much time and energy and money in one place to look for some plants. If I ever wake up and my sandbox is missing I'll know who took it ;)