Lennon Wielgus

Day 99 We sold Our Home

day99 Mom and Dad sold our house. They signed the contract last night. Their secret was to come down on their advertised price instead of waiting forever to sell the house. The last time they tried selling they passed on a low offer then never sold the house after almost a year ;( So this time they went with a low price and took the offer. They will walk away from the deal with almost nothing and lost all of their investment like I discussed yesterday in the post Buying A Home Is Not Always A Good Investment. Another stinker about buying a home is the principal vs. interest you pay on your payments. Every month for the first decade or so you pay 90% interest and 10% equity roughly. That is a really BAD investment in my 3 month old opinion. Even though we lost money, I'm happy to be leaving and starting our next chapter. I think it would be cool to rent something with a river view on the Ohio river in Maysville. Dad thinks it would be fun to rent a mobile home on some land. Mom just wants to rent something not in a bad neighborhood. Of course our main goal is to begin building on our land and move their eventually. But in the meantime it will be fun to live wild and free ;)


CassieCongrats on selling your house!! It will be such an exciting adventure for you!! By the way Lennon, you are so cute!! Watch out ladies!