Lennon Wielgus

Day 104 Down On The Farm

day104 We cleared out of the house and went looking for somewhere to rent today. While doing this we stopped at our land and walked around. Everything is dead and brown because it's winter but it's still relaxing to walk around there. Here's a view from our neighbor's land below (the picture above is from the middle of our property). They don't live there yet because they are in Maryland but dad will send them this link so they can see how their property the view looks in the middle of winter with the fields covered in snow down below. We talked to the older gentlemen ronnie and he said there has been some action around there. There are less than a dozen homes in a few mile radius but; the old lady's house burned down, mrs hensley, and then her son still lived nearby in a trailer, he ran over his wife with a tractor (accidentally) this past weekend and they even had a helicopter land back there this past weekend to air lift her to the hospital. Here's that other picture: day104land We didn't find a place to rent today and we are still waiting on feedback from the inspection.


MomHaha....yeah, i was thinking the same thing! We are still looking for a place, but I think we'll end up in an apartment in Flemingsburg. We've got most of the stuff packed and in a storage facility. We will be out by Thursday. Crazy, huh?