Lennon Wielgus

Fort Ancient And Adena Indians Used To Live Here

Dad got this book on our county's history this weekend. We did a little research and found that the Fort Ancient and Adena Indians used to live here, both during different times. 20130128-105321.jpg Next is a map. The big black line in the middle is the licking river. You can see where my house is (the star on the map) in relation to the places where they found Indian sites. All of the red on the map was added by me. Remember that indian arrow we found in our yard? We think it belongs to someone from the Adena indians who was here about 2000 years ago. The adena were also "mound builders" and built ceremonial mounds elsewhere in the county. 20130128-105357.jpg Another neat thing in the book is site #41 on the map is noted as the farm owned by Annis Wilcoxin. Well her name is actually "Wilcoxson" and that is our current friend Annis who lives in the white house on the way in to see us now. It's neat to see my friend's name in the history book.


MomI'm learning all kinds of stuff from the history book. I'll show you the arrowhead when you're here next time!