Lennon Wielgus

Dad's New Truck

Dad finally got a new truck. It's got quite a bit of rust on it but also has some brand new tires and some new belts. It's a 1995 dodge ram with 169,000 miles on it. It also has 4x4 drive. We can sit at the bottom of a muddy hill, stopped, and put it in 4x4 and go right up the hill. Without the 4x4 we just sit there and spin. He gave $1800 cash for it.

20130204-153119.jpg Dad probably won't be driving too much though, just hauling stuff and taking me around town. Gas is too much. Can you believe it cost $100 to fill the tank up one time? It won't be too long before the fuel is worth more than the vehicle.

20130204-153139.jpg Want some interesting history on the truck? Some local horse people in our county were "bidding on something they shouldn't have" and won the truck from an estate auction. They won the truck for $1725 in Illinois and had to pay $300 to get the truck shipped to Kentucky. Dad saw the auction results online and the receipt for the shipment. The truck was part of a huge multi-milion estate sale of Rita Grundwell. She was busted for embezzling millions of dollars from a town up near chicago. The people I bought the truck from knew her and said the truck was her feed truck to feed all of her horses. To read about Rita and the horses dad's truck used to feed you can click here. There's actually a bunch of old papers from her farm stuff, a bunch of old insurance cards of her, and even a deposit slip for $25000 to a bank. We'll probably work on the rust a bit and do some brakes on the truck soon. The truck runs good and the 4x4 works so dad's happy for now. I like it too.