Lennon Wielgus

Obama Preschool Would Be Nice Right Now

We live in Nicholas County Kentucky. Dad has talked to a few different people at the school here to see if I can go to preschool. They have given us 3 options: 1. Be low income (fail, we make too much) 2. Be disabled (umm maybe?) 3. Be overincome and get lucky enough to get a spot (that's us, but will we get picked?)

Low Income

We do not make a ton of money and aren't greatly above the requirement for "low income" but we do not pass the test. Basically if you are low income you are automatically enrolled in preschool. If you are above the income level you are enrolled in a selection process discussed in a minute.


I did speech therapy from age 2-3. This could act as a "referral" for me to get evaluated as having a disability but it's no guarantee I'd get the "disabled" designation to get into preschool. Dad can also be a "referral" so next Friday when I go to register for preschool he is meeting with the occupational therapist at the school to have a meeting, fill out some paperwork explaining why I might be "disabled" (probably just that I went to speech therapy), and then we schedule an appointment with a state psychologist. The psychologist will test me in five areas and determine if I'm behind other people my age and designate me as disabled or not. If I pass, or is it fail? her test then I get into preschool all paid and an instant spot. If I do really well on the test then I don't get into preschool, at least with a disability designation.

Overincome enrollment

The school tells us they have a "very few" spots open for overincome families, that is us. We'd also have to pay for me to go to public preschool if we are lucky enough to be chosen as "overincome" enrollment. We probably couldn't afford hundreds a week for private preschool. It's really hard to believe that public preschool is potentially unavailable to people even if they want to pay for it. I haven't seen it in writing but that is what we are told.

Obama Preschool Would Be Nice

So I'm really not sure if I get to go to preschool or not this year. Dad is getting my paperwork together like insurance card, birth certificate, physical, and copy of our tax returns. We will go enroll next Friday morning and wait and see. All of the people are super nice at the school so it should be fun. Obama said at the state of the union this year he wanted "universal preschool" in America for anyone that wanted it. Basically if a kid wants to go to preschool they should be able to and the taxpayer should pay the bill. Dad agrees. We spend our tax money on a bunch of stupid things but our education should come first. Unfortunately we have republicans and fox news who don't think our tax money should go to preschool. click here to watch a video I'll keep you updated on how getting into preschool goes. Today's pic is me watering some plants. I figured out that if I dunk my watering can in the dog bowl I can really water the plants ;)