Lennon Wielgus

accepted to preschool



20130606-160145.jpg Those are some random pics. Mom and Dad took me to preschool on tuesday. They said I was accepted and we signed some consent forms for me to go. Regular school in our county starts on August 9th but they haven't set a date for when preschool starts yet. Sometime before school starts they have "readyfest" where I can meet my teacher and hang out at school. I will go to school Monday through Thursday, 8am to 3pm. Friday is reserved for teachers to do in home visits with the students and other things. That will be strange when the teacher comes to my house. The adjustment might be rough going to school but I think I'm gonna have a really good time. Because of my birthday I will go to preschool for 2 years. And because my school is in the same building as elementary I will be on the same schedule as the rest of the kids and should be really well prepared to start Kindergarten.