Lennon Wielgus

welding aint easy, our sunflowers wear pantyhose, homemade French toast sticks, oh my






20130623-105411.jpg Welding is one of those things that someone can explain and it sounds easy or you can watch it in a video and it looks easy and then you try it and find out it's not that easy. I didn't watch dad weld but he told me a few stories about not being able to start the arc (too dirty and needed to turn up the juice) and then how he can't see anything with the helmet on (shoulda got auto darkening helmet) and then when he did get the arc his stick would get stuck to the piece and then finally when he got the weld going it looked like a 1 year old did the weld and even started a little fire. LOL. He can't wait to try again. Dad likes making french toast. I like french toast sticks. We started cutting the bread before cooking and now I eat my weight in french toast sticks. We ant to try and make sunflower oil from a few sunflowers this year. We planted some "oil" type this year and don't want the birds to eat them all so we put some pantyhose on them. It's strange but we hope it works. We have a gang of about 15 gold finches that all fly around together, and look pretty cool doing it, that we are sure would make a quick lunch of the seeds if we didn't do something so we are trying pantyhose. They were sickle mowing our grass so I got to walk huxley on a leash. I handled him almost the whole time unless he got too crazy and then Mom had to take over.