Lennon Wielgus

getting caught up





20130823-092803.jpg Those are a few more pictures I had from myrtle beach. I finished my first week of school. I got sick and had to miss Thursday because I didn't want to get the other kids sick. The teachers thought it was a good idea. I'm feeling much better now, just a little runny nose leftover but even that is going away. My teachers are awesome! They are really helping me get adjusted. Mom and Dad have to figure out everything I'm talking about now. It's like a game. I mention kids names and sayings that I learned at school to them and they have no idea what I'm talking about. For instance I kept saying "criss-cross apple sauce" and they finally concluded this is what my teachers say when we sit for story time and need to cross our legs. When dad was little it was called sitting "indian style" but that's probably not politically correct today and criss-cross apple sauce is much more fun. Another thing I kept talking about was "pete the cat". I finally let them know pete is a book about a cat. I'll show you the video here because it's awesome. I bet when you listen to it you will be dancing in your living room: