Lennon Wielgus

Day 155 Carrots Gag Me

day155 I have a hard time swallowing carrots and they gag me. I liked the taste only slightly more than green beans. Just like yesterday, after only a few VERY small spoonfuls I spit up what I just ate. The picture of me is when I'm gagging. Mom says wait a couple weeks. Dad says to mix a small amount of veggies with rice cereal (which I like) to get me used to the taste. Brennan says to try squash or sweet peas. Nanny says try carrots and not to give up. What's a boy to do? ;) I'll keep you updated and thanks for your suggestions.


MomTell Brennan that Lennon likes rice cereal, but that's only because he hasn't tried oatmeal. Maybe we'll try that, too!