Lennon Wielgus

Day 156 Someone Burned Dad's Truck

day156 Sit back and let me tell you a story. We woke up this morning and Mom's car was covered in snow and it was a normal day, but that quickly changed. Dad left in the morning to go let their dog outside to play, he stays at their land, and check on things. His truck needs a new alternator so they've left it parked on their property for a week until they got it fixed. This is what the truck looked like this morning: day155 The neighbors tell dad that at 1am last night they heard an explosion and thought it was a house fire and called the fire department. It was actually my truck that was on fire. When the fire department arrived Dad's truck door was open, dog food was thrown on the ground, and clearly someone had set fire to his truck. It was raining when the truck was burning and the fire department still took some time to put the fire out. Dad's truck is totaled. day155 We haven't opened the hood yet but you can see this truck burned hot. The windows are gone/melted, even the radiator way up front is melted. This is the door that was open when the fire department arrived. Dad was just at the land planting strawberries 7 hours earlier and this door was not open then. day155 There is barely anything left in the cab. The entire dashboard burned up and is gone. This next picture is the passenger side. Anybody want a ride? day155 This next picture is the driver's side. If you look close you can see what's left of the steering wheel on the floor. day155 And the final picture is of the seat. It's completely gone except for some springs and frame: day155 The sheriff came out and visited with us to do a report and said this is the first case like this out in the "boondoocks" and isn't usual. Dad only had liability insurance so he won't get a nickel for his truck and he thinks there is a better chance of going to the moon then finding who did this. The fire department chief said that we are surrounded by nice people there but occasionally because of the rural location the rifraf go out to raise some heck, in about those words. But, Dad is still a pretty lucky guy cause he's got me ;) That's what he says. Hopefully tomorrow is less eventful. Ps. I tried cereal mixed with just a little squash and hated it. We will wait a couple weeks now before trying again.


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