Lennon Wielgus

Day 157 Teeth Clanking The Bowl

day157 Mom and Dad have been confused about when my teeth are coming in. They thought they saw teeth as early as 2 months old. Now when they hold the food bowl too close I put my mouth on it and you can hear my teeth clanking on the bowl. It's official, there are some teeth coming in. Dad can't see them, mom can see them and feel them, but everyone is for sure that when I bite down on something they make sounds and are there somewhere making there way through. One thing is for sure, my folks better watch out feeding me when I'm wearing my CHOMP shirt ;) day157-2


StephJoe was waking up every couple of hours until the one poked through more, and then one right next to it isn't far away. He's sleeping better then he has in about 5 months now though!