Lennon Wielgus

Day 166 Butternut Squash

day166 I found some butternut squash in my easter basket and I loved it today eating almost the entire jar. Sweet potatoes are good also, but wow that squash was good. Rolling over is still difficult for me but I've done it twice now going from my belly to my back. Dad got rid of his burned up truck today. He just wanted the junker gone so he didn't charge to take it away and he wasn't charged either. The title was junked at the courthouse today also. He wants to buy something with 4 wheel drive however he's finding even old 4x4's are out of his price range. He'll keep looking for a deal and staying patient.


MomWow, that sounds awesome! I wanted to try some homemade stuff for him and this sounds easy. I'll let you know how it turns out when I try...thanks!