Lennon Wielgus

Day 182 Dad Almost Had A Truck

day182 My folks like buying and selling on craigslist.org and have had good luck for a few years until now. Last night they went to Lexington to look at a truck they found on craigslist. It was a beater but had 4x4 and they agreed on a $1200 sales price. Today they drove to lexington again, met the people and they couldn't find the title. They arrived but supposedly lost it and left to go look for it. Mom and dad were sitting there thinking "you know, you always hear about folks on the news that get robbed and they had a bunch of money on them and you know that the robber new they had money on them somehow." Well sitting there it occurred to us that we were in a car with $1200 cash on us, the people weren't there anymore, and anyone could show up now and take it from us (with tremendous force of course). That didn't happen, but it seemed real easy for us to see now how people can get set up and how a robber can find some people with money on them. Long story short, we didn't buy the truck after waiting forever for them to find the title. Dad's also gonna take a break from truck shopping for a few. Maybe he'll just spend his truck money on a tractor and make us all happy ;) (just don't tell mom) I'm waking up in my picture today from a nice nap.