Lennon Wielgus

Day 183 Hand Digging Our Home Foundation

day183 day182 Dad and Mom are starting work on their house again. They will use the 200 square foot shed thing to hold a small bathrooom and kitchen to get it past inspection and are building a 700 square foot circle (30 foot diameter) where the living space will go. They plan to add on eventually. Dad is hand digging the foundation. The picture probably doesn't do justice to how much digging he's done already but all of that dirt was dug by hand, with bunches to go. After the it's leveled and the trench is dug we will mix portland cement, gravel (already on site), and sand to make concrete for the first couple of feet. We thought about putting a french drain in the bottom but will put it around the house in case they need to maintenance it at any time. We should be able to get all the way to the roof with only spending around $500. Yes we are doing earthbags, but don't worry, they are dirt cheap Also in the background you can see a fence going up. To keep huxley in we are erecting a 200 foot long fence. Thanks to grandpa on the guidance. We'll take some more photos of our building progress as we go but things are slow now.