Lennon Wielgus

Day 189 1000 Sandbags

day189 1000 sandbags cost .19 cents per bag and weigh 115 pounds. We are going to build a good portion of our home with them. We have a plumber stopping by tomorrow to give us a quote. The septic people will do their work in the next couple of weeks if the weather permits (rain might delay them a few days). The electric company is sending an engineer out next week to tell us where the electric will run to our property and I talked to a really nice electrician that will run the wires in the house for us and install a breaker box and goodies. All of our inspections will take place in the 200 square foot part of the house that's already framed. Then we can build to our hearts desire for the rest of the house. We've been doing a bunch of planning but haven't done much work out there the past week besides the new fence. Our sandbags are pretty cool though. They are orange.