Lennon Wielgus

Day 191 Septic Tank Installation Completed!

septic We had our septic tank installed and inspected today and all went well. They put in a 1500 gallon septic tank and 275 feet of leach lines. Here they are digging the septic hole. It was 6 feet deep, 5 feet wide, and 13 feet long. septic Here are the leech lines going in. You can see them digging the third one on the left. septic The septic tank arrives at the land. Installation is next. septic The septic tank coming off of the truck. septic The septic tank going in the ground. septic Installation of the septic tank is complete and this is what it looked like before the inspector got there. It cost $400 just for the permit/inspection for the lady to come out there for 15 minutes. septic After the inspection passed I was given a sticker for the electric company. It's goofy that you can't put electric or water in without a septic tank but those are the rules. It took less than an hour to put all of the soil back the way it came. They didn't fill the tank but instead piled extra dirt on top of the tank to keep it in place. They said it will hold it down and as the dirt settles you can use the dirt level things out. They also left the dbox slightly uncovered until we are certain everything works good (the leech lines get equal amounts of waste) and then we can add some dirt and put a plant there so we can find it again if there is ever a problem. Here's how the land looks now. A bunch of dirt and a septic system underneath it all. septic This was a major milestone in the journey to moving out to our land. Roughed in plumbing and electric are next. Septic tank installation complete!


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