Lennon Wielgus

Day 194 Pleasant Valley Kentucky Flooding

flood0 Let me show you some pictures of flooding just outside of Carlisle Kentucky where our folks land is in Pleasant Valley Kentucky. Yesterday was one of the top 10 most rainy days ever in Kentucky. Here is a picture of a trailer on abner's mill road. Their yard, garden, basketball court, and everything is covered in water. flood0 Parts of pleasant valley were completely under water. Here you can see it looks like a lake. US32 was closed at some point last night because of high water. The signs are still out there. flood0 The licking river is pictured next. You can't see it but it's overflowing to the right of this picture also. This was taken from the top of my neighbor Bryan's property. He has riverfront property and now I regret I didn't hike down to see the water and get a picture up close. flood0 The should call it licking "lake" instead of river today. flood0 Another mobile home that was occupied that is now dealing with some serious water. flood0 The tractors were cleared out and most farm equipment but there were still a bunch of casualties. flood0 A tobacco field covered in water. I'm curious to see if it gets farmed this spring. flood0 This is a full sized telephone pole that is almost submerged in water. That's a bunch of water. flood0 The stream under the bridge going to clay wildlife center, and a neighborhood. flood0 I'm not gonna try and cross this one. flood0 I'm only saw the flooding from the main roads. From what I saw there are probably tons of homes and property that will have water damage in the other areas around the licking river and it's streams. We were a bit disappointed when we met with the plumber the other day because he said our elevation might not allow for much water pressure but now we are thankful we have some elevation. Our land is drying out already.