Lennon Wielgus

Day 202 My New Yard Hydrant

day202 We bought a new yard hydrant today and she is really perty. Long, shiny, and heavy. If it doesn't rain later I'll be installing her at our land. The water meter was put in by the water company yesterday so we have water now, we just need the hydrant. They installed it by the road, 700 feet away from our house :( We even had the water "commisioner" come out to plead our case to get a meter using the water line right next to our house but we were rejected. Apparently it's too far for the meter reader to drive and dad didn't offer a bribe. Plumbing is the last thing to do on our list now. There is a plumber right down the land from us that stopped by the other night and offered to help for a small fee and gave us bunches of info. That was super cool ;) Dad will just need to get a plumbing "homeowner's" permit under his name for the plumbing which I applied and paid for already. Did you know you need a permit to change a water heater in Kentucky, even if you live in the middle of the woods? Goofiness. If you have more than 10 acres you can apply for an exemption but everyone else needs permits. We have an electrician coming over tomorrow so hopefully we'll have the lights on soon. I struggled a bit figuring out what these outdoor spigot, farm spigot, pullarm spigot, things were until a guy at the hardware store said "what yer looking fur is a yard hydrant". And sure enough that's what I needed. If you want to get your own cool yard hydrant then click here.