Lennon Wielgus

Day 208 Still Digging That Foundation

day208 day208-2 We are getting back to digging our foundation. It filled with water for awhile when the heavy rains came and we all got sick at some point so we haven't dug much, but we've done a little. Total cost for foundation excavation so far: 0$ :) The electrician canceled last friday and is rescheduled for Wednesday. He's only putting in a breaker box and a few outlets but that will be enough to give us some lights, refrigerator, air conditioner, and electric stove. We can't wait. Dad still hasn't found a truck. He's still looking, just nothing worth jumping into yet. And if it looks like I'm in the same outfit I was in yesterday it's dad's fault.


MomMe, too! He wants to see his Aunt Shelley again soon. I'll try and come to Gtown for lunch or something. Let me know what day would work for you : )