Lennon Wielgus

Day 213 Major Foundation Excavation Done

excavation excavation Earthbag homes don't need a traditional foundation but things do need to be level so we've got our land cleared for a circular home with a 30 foot diameter and a 2 foot perimeter that is level all the way around where the wall will sit. All was dug with a typical garden shovel. We made a water level with 2 yard sticks and a long tube of water that is pretty neat and I'll have to show you sometime. Nanny really kicked our butts into motion this week to get some things done. The electrician came today and put in a circuit breaker, a meter, a ground rod into the ground, and a large service pole out of the roof. I'll put up a picture when the electric company runs their wire next. That should be free because we are within 1000 feet of existing electric but today's work wasn't free. The electrician showed dad how to connect wall outlets to the circuit box and dad felt pretty confident so we can at least have wall outlets everywhere ;) Mom needs to figure out how to do the light switches ;) We now have most of the pieces of the puzzle at our land, it's just a matter of building it all together now.


nannyLooks good. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!