Lennon Wielgus

Day 215 Our Lawn Mower

215Dad was push mowing an acre and a half on the top of our property and when the May rains came it was growing so fast he would need to cut it every 2-3 days. Mom and I felt bad so we got him this riding lawn mower. We bought it used but it's not too bad and has a 46" cut and an 18.5 horse power engine. Now Mom mows the lawn also ;) It's fun driving the lawn mower around in the cool evenings. Dad hopes to save up enough money to get real tractor in a year or two. For those keeping track on the house progress, we passed our electric inspection yesterday. The power company will run the wires next week. We are also probably gonna slow down for a couple weeks because Dad has to get some work done for his job and we want to plan/test a few things also.