Lennon Wielgus

Day 221 Picnic At The Property

221 Our neighbors from Maryland were visiting and had us over for a cookout with some delicious mahi mahi fish, burgers, and other goodies. Our other neighbors Ronnie and Annis came over to. It was so hot and humid I thought I was in the tropics. There was a storm behind us that made a cool rainbow but never got us wet. After dark the lightning bugs came out by the thousands. We've never seen them before (where were they the past few years?), or that many. They were everywhere lighting up and it looks like something out of a movie that was computer generated. It's really cool. Earlier in the morning dad was eating a cream cheese bagel while he was holding me. I leaned over and ate on some of the cream cheese. I looked so proud like I was one of the big boys eating big boy food with dad. And then I barfed on dad, myself, and the floor. Mom yelled at us saying I shouldn't eat that yet, but it was great while dad and I shared some big boy food ;) I hope to see my neighbors again soon, next time I'll get a picture. The picture for today's post was the only one taken.