Lennon Wielgus

Day 226 610x RoadBase Earthbag Walls

26 tons roadbase me and mom tamping earthbags We got 26 tons of 610x road base delivered to build our house out of. The walls will be made of this stuff. It's 100% limestone just different sizes. Most of it is limestone dust and there are also rocks up to a couple inches in it. Having the rocks only up to 3/4 inch would have been better on the bags but the rock quarry didn't offer that so we might have to double bag all the way up now. The rock quarry said this stuff hardens the most of anything they sold and it's used as a base before they make the roads. We have just over 25% of the first row completed and after tamping it's rock solid. It's really hard work and we will only be building in the mornings or evenings when it's cooler. There is a house in Kentucky built using limestone dust here: Kentucky Earthbag Home And there is a house in Ohio built the same way: Ohio Earthbag Home Limestone dust is strange stuff. When dry it's like dust. When moist it's like putty. When moist, compacted, and then allowed to dry, it forms almost like a rock. We decided against stabilized earth because it would have taken 10 years to hand mix the dirt with portland cement for each bag. Now we can just shovel and tamp, which is strenuous enough.


dadno footer, we are already down 2 feet in some spots from the leveling. people use earthbags for footers in other buildings.