Lennon Wielgus

Day 229 Level One Complete

229 229-2 Mom and Dad were pretty excited when they finished the first row of bags for the house today. They are learning a bunch as they go and their work is getting better. Sure, it's not a perfect circle either, but that will give it character, and it's good enough to go onto level 2. They just need to add some barbed wire now, 2 rows across the tops of the bags, before starting on the next row. The next row might be a bit slower because we have a few things planned over the next week (cya soon hannah, grandma, and grandpa) but we are excited row 1 is done today ;) And just 20 more rows to go, give or take a few rows.


Day 244 Level Two Complete « LennonWielgus.com[...] finished level two of earthbags on our house. We finished level one on Day 229, 15 days ago. We don’t have any plans during row 3 so hopefully it goes [...]