Lennon Wielgus

Day 234 Heber Memorial

memorial They made this really cool memorial for Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Heber. They also had a get together to honor them that I attended today. memorial Mom's cousin Chad let me borrow his cowboy hat. He was a bunch of fun and made fart noises with his mouth that made me laugh. I'll post the video later. memorial My Aunt Jody hung out with me for awhile. I'm sorry for spitting up on you again. memorial Uncle Tim was fun. He's the guy that got me the cool talking cookie monster. Pretty cool guy. Aunt Jody and Uncle Tim are Grandpa Heber's sister and brother. memorial We stopped at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hammond's house after the memorial. Here's a good one. Great Grandma left the house a little while ago and didn't tell Great Grandpa where she was going. She came back with a snoopy tattoo that went all the way around her ankle. :) Great Grandpa didn't talk to her for 2 days after that but they are happy again. Great Grandma is pretty cool. We had a super day. I love you all.