Lennon Wielgus

Day 240 Bird Watching

bird watching goldfinch I'm a bird watcher like grandpa. The bird we saw sitting on a tall thistle earlier was a goldfinch (at least that's what mom says, and mom says it helps having a dad that's a bird watcher). When we got home dad made some late night pancakes and we had some 100% Pure Michigan syrup on them, yum, that grandma and grandpa sent home with us. Edit - 2 days later - We saw this unidentified bird this evening. It was the size of a finch but totally red. Mom couldn't guess what it was so we are hoping Grandpa has some ideas ;) bird2


dadthanks grandpa. we would have never guessed in a hundred years. if we see another we'll try and get a picture. taking photos of the birds is kinda fun.