Lennon Wielgus

Day 247 Level 3 Complete

Level 3 of our earthbag wall was completed in record time with the help from our friends from Maryland (pictured from left to right: Bryan, Alexis, Anna and Brandon who isn't pictured helped also). Even on their vacation they woke up two mornings and helped shovel gravel. Thanks a million ;) Level 4 gets started tomorrow but will be a little slower. Our friends are leaving tomorrow, and we've got a few other things to do for Level 4. After Level 4 we will be installing the door frames so sometime during Level 4, this week, we will be building the door frames. We will also experiment with plastering by doing the bottom few bags, and Dad doesn't have much time off this week. So slow going again but for sure it's still going.


nannyLooks like you are going to have great neighbors. It was so nice of them to help.