Lennon Wielgus

Day 260 Putting Together A Toilet

Nanny stopped by today and brought Jacob and Chloe to play. It was really fun. Too bad it was soooooo hot outside the we forgot to take today's picture with them. Thanks for stopping by. Nanny fed me my first real brownie today, it was good. After that we went toilet shopping and bought a brand spanking new toilet. It cost $54 and was the cheapest thing that lowes offered. We also had to buy a wax ring, a pvc thing that goes through the floor, 25 feet of drain pipe (for water only). Everything plus tax was only $106. We are doing a temporary install of the toilet drains but the toilet will probably stay in the same place. Don't ask ;) We put the toilet together tonight but we will install everything soon. First we need to figure out how to drill a round 4 inch hole in the floor. (we don't have a jigsaw or a drill bit 4 inches wide)


MomThanks, Grandpa! We knew you'd have the answer! We'll let you know how it goes.