Lennon Wielgus

Day 282 Only 70 Bags To Go

Thanks to the awesome help from Grandma and Grandpa we have only 70 more earthbags to fill, lay, and tamp. WOW. Here's the top view: We aren't going any higher with earthbags because it's a bit riskier than we like it to be. If we didn't have a crawl space we'd be done with the wall but now we will make a small "pony" or "knee" wall to even up the top of the house. If it doesn't look too high from the outside where there is extra dirt then check out from the inside: The next picture is of me hanging out with Grandma and wondering how Mom and Dad will make it through next week now that they are getting used to getting spoiled. Grandma and Grandpa leave tomorrow morning. Grandma is making lasagna tonight. Yum.