Lennon Wielgus

Day 286 My Shiny New High Chair

Nanny and PopPop bought me a brand new high chair and it's awesome. It goes up and down, reclines, and sounds really cool when I bang my hands on it. Thank you! I got so excited sitting in my new chair Mom had a hard time feeding me. I felt like a really big boy. Out at the farm we harvested some tomatoes, cayenne peppers, jalapenos, and now we are ready to make some salsa. Our Passionflowers are blooming, mom took this closeup picture of one of the flowers, we are hoping for some fruit also. No picture effects were used on the flower picture but they were on the tomato picture. Also, we cooked up all of eggplant that Nanny gave us from her garden, it was stupendous! We breaded it and then fried it up in olive oil and then threw some mozzarella on it and then threw it on some pasta. We'll eat the rest for lunch tomorrow. It was some really tender and delicious eggplant.


nannyThat passionflower is beautiful!!!!!!