Lennon Wielgus

Day 298 Framing The Knee Wall

We are framing a small wall above the earthbags to bring the wall to a proper height. We are about 30% done. We've put the fallen down walls back up a little but there is still some work to do. We've also put some bracing on so they don't fall again. Our guess is it wasn't someone that knocked them down, but once it started raining and one bag slipped off the top, maybe off a strip anchor, then it would pull the others down because they are attached with barbed wire. We aren't sure if we'll do cob or strawbales inside of the framed wall but we'll try and stay with the natural building theme.


MomThanks, Grandpa! Shelley, you are welcome anytime! Let me know when you're free and you can come out and see it!!