Lennon Wielgus

Day 323 Black Walnuts

It turns out the awkward looking tree at the bottom of our driveway is a black walnut tree. It's technically on the unsold lot across the road but some of the walnuts have fallen on our land. Dad started collecting them from that walnut tree and a few other he has found nearby. He removed the hulls from a dozen of them and put the nuts away to dry. Grandpa says they are hard to break into but the store is asking $3.39 for 1/3 cup of black walnuts so we'll try our best First dad cracked one open and tried the walnut but it didn't taste good. Apparently the "nutmeat" needs to cure for a few weeks so they are now drying. Instead of throwing away the hulls you can use them to make a dye or stain. The early settlers used to dye their fabrics and their hair walnut brown with the die. It's super simple to make and dad and I made some of it today. We just took a dozen walnut hulls and boiled them in 3 quarts of water for an hour. Then we strained out the liquid from the hulls and our stain was done. We are experimenting with the stain on different surfaces.