Lennon Wielgus

Day 325 Harvesting Cat Tails

We harvested a couple dozen cat tails from the edge of lake carnico today. We are going to try an earthen plaster recipe of 2 parts sand, 1 part clay, and a bunch of cat tail fiber. The cat tail fiber gives the plaster strength, keeps it from cracking, and still makes a smooth finish, or so we read. You can also add cow dung to the mix (yummy) like they do in this tutorial but we probably will try without it first. Natural building is pretty interesting. At the lake there are a bunch of trees and dad saw some walnuts (used for dying things and eating), he also saw the cattails (used for plaster, as candles, etc), if he knew more he probably could have found more useful vegetation, but still it was like nature's version of walmart ;) All sorts of goodies made by mother nature that can be used in building a house, and it's all free. While dad was out he picked up a bottle of 40oz bud light (empty) from being littered on the ground. This serves two purposes; it removes litter from the lake area, and it can be used in building the house. People do some serious building with the glass bottles that we all throw away: Check Out These Glass Walls My favorite bottle in that last link is the one that says "We did all of this while you were watching tv." And speaking of recycled glass, Dad found the recycling center in carlisle today and paid them a visit. It turns out it's more of the local dump (that charges for anything you dump, like $1 per garbage bag, $5 per toilet, etc) that does recycling on the side. The dump is on the way out of town. Dad asked the guy if he could have some of the bottles and they said no. Dad asked again and they said no again. They weren't the type of people that you'd expect to give an educated answer, and they were busy, so Dad left. We did get a nice crop of cat tails though.


dadshort shots, we don't have any jean diapers ;)