Lennon Wielgus

Day 330 Testing Lime Plasters

Our house won't look like mud when it's done, it will hopefully look like a nicely plastered home. We've been testing different mixes of plaster and coloring the plaster. You can see all the way on the right where the dried mud (cob) is. That's the hard base. Then you plaster over it like on the left. It looks white/gray when it goes on. Then you can see the yellow color we tried this evening. We haven't decided on a final color but would like to find a natural dye we like and use it. It would be even more fun if we could make the color from some plants around us but we aren't against adding some acrylic paint to the lime wash for a color. A 50lb bag of hydrated lime costs $7 and goes a long way. Supposedly after a few weeks of curing, what looks like white powder when bought will start turning into limestone on the walls. Lime plaster has been used for thousands of years.